Our Story

As a child the forests and back roads of the Bellingen Valley were my playground, surrounded by hippies I ran wild and free to the soundtrack of Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles. There is magic in the forest and spirit in the mountains there, a kind of magic that never leaves you. Inspired by woodlands and the river's song our fragrances were created to capture that magic while raising a glass to a time when mood rings were cool, and Janis Joplin poured her heart out through over sized speakers.  

Each candle is poured by me in small batches with cool tunes on the turntable. 

As well as making your candles and all things Bellingen Candle Co, I homeschool our little girl who has a rare disability called, 18p. This means that often your candles are being polished, labeled, wrapped and packed by the light of the silvery moon. 

We are a small family business conscious of caring for Mother Earth, creating Eco friendly products using only 100% supreme quality soy wax, renewable ingredients that are phthalate-free, minimum packaging and recyclable vessels.

Our products are 100% cruelty free, 'cause animals have feelings too.

Rae xx

Founder of Bellingen Candle Co

 Rae Dawson Bellingen Candle Co